Words matter

How about – instead of do some exercise, we just go out and play games?
Let’s not go hiking. Let’s go exploring!

To kids, why do we say science?
We could just say: let’s blow stuff up. Or, let’s create something new! 

Why do we say ‘learn to code’ instead of let’s make pretty things on screens.

How on earth do we expect kids to want to do these things when we use words they either don’t understand, don’t like, or are intimidated by? 

Why do we always use the words we know to use, instead of the words that the audience will respond to?

I don’t want to be cold in -5 weather. But I do want to go to the snow.
I don’t want to repeatedly fall over and make a fool of myself, but I do want to learn to surf.
I don’t want to spend 5 days in the middle of a dessert at the peak of summer, but I do want to go to Burning Man.
I don’t want to spend 19 hours trapped with 400 strangers, but I do want to fly to New York.
I don’t want to get out of bed when it’s dark, but I do want to watch the sunrise.

We accept the downside of something when it’s simply a step on our way to get to the thing we really want.

So why don’t we communicate like this?

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.08.12 pm

Because, I’m 5…

And have award winning avoidance & procrastination skills. Well, I would. If there were awards. And if someone else would submit my entry. Because, I wouldn’t ever manage to complete the entry myself. On time. I have a week of work to complete in 3 days. Which means, of course, I am doing other things. Until I freak out tomorrow, and lose my fucking mind. At which point my sensible brain-minders will march in, clean up, put in some rules, and we make deadline. (I wish they were on full time payroll and not emergency use only)

Anyway, in my internet trawlings for inspiration/distraction. I found Wordcount  Which is a visualisation of the most frequently used words in the english language. In order. And you can search it. It’s cool.
But EVEN COOLER is  query count which does the same thing, but ranks the words we’ve searched on wordcount.

It says so much about our understanding of our own behaviour. It starts off nicely. We all arrive and search for ‘The’ Because we know it’s a common word. We want to see how high it ranks. Because, it must be high, right?
And then. Our true selves kick in.
sex. love. fuck.

This is what we actually care about. It’s front of mind.We are more interested in that, than plugging in the other likely used words of me, you, i, be.

‘Shit’ ranks high, presumably because the child in all of us hits the site and enters as many swear words as we can think of (I know I did).
Then we get: America. Libertarian. Not at all surprising, but still. Interesting.

If we skip the basic words like i, a, etc.. We’re now at “God, Cunt, Penis, Ass, Hello”

Charming, aren’t we?

OR we could move over a little, take the words in order of sequence and we get a beautiful welcome:

Hello you, and dog-pussy.
Hate vagina.
Like dick

It really seemed appropriate to me, that my first post contain alltheswears